Commercial Services
Whether you have a huge mess or just want to operate more effeciently, we are your one stop shop. We provide a variety of services to help small business owners in their commercial and/or home offices. Our services range from setting up filing systems for paper management to orchestrating a complete overhaul of office furniture and technical systems.
Our Process
Whether your office is in your home, a commercial space, or a warehouse, we can improve the effeciency so you can spend time making money, not chasing paperwork.

We start by assessing the current and future needs of your business. We'll then present a written plan to improve your office operations. We can assist you with any and all facets of the renovations, including training of your staff on computer software and/or paper and clutter management. We work with industry experts in just about every facet of office management and will provide reputable references if needed during this process - IT Architecture, website creation/maintenance, office furniture vendors, painters, sign vendors, realtors, and more!
  • Quickbooks / Quicken training and input
  • Paper clutter
  • Electronic clutter
  • Filing system customized for your industry
  • Computer system overhaul
  • Furniture layout and systems to maximize effeciency and work flow
If you don't see your specific situation listed, please call Jeni at (708) 301-7474 or send an email to If we cannot accomodate your needs, we can refer you to a fellow member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Can Any Room be Set Up As An Office?
We have turned many dining rooms and guest rooms into efficient, attractive home offices. With a variety of multi-functional storage on the market today, no space is too small to run an office. We can give a room full of mismatched furniture a cohesive look that can serve a variety of functions.
Clutter management for any room in your home.
Paper clutter? QuickBooks mess? No problem.
Room transformations with items you already own.

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