What is Sassy Spaces about?
We have been helping residential and commercial clients conquer their clutter and beautify their spaces since 1995. We have worked with clients of all ages, from children to senior citizens as well as ADD, ADHD, and Chronically Disorganized clients.

Here's a little known secret - reclaiming your space can be fun and affordable!! Our speciality is a frazzled client that is near the end of their rope with clutter. Your clutter didn't accumulate in one day, so we take it one step at a time, at a pace you are comfortable with. You can expect nothing but respect, compassion, and understanding from Sassy Spaces during this sometimes difficult process.


The energy we bring to each project is contagious and we have a great time during the process. Finding the desk surface, patch of carpeting, or clearing a path into a room is so liberating, it inspires our clients to forge ahead. Every client has been amazed at how much they were able to accomplish in a single session. The ease in finding "stuff" and additional space they have in their home or office when the project is complete makes it well worth the effort.

Interior Re-Design

Our creative solutions will save you money. Most of our clients are suprised by how simple, inexpensive changes can impact the feel, look, and functionality of a room. We work with what you already have and make recommendations as needed - changing the layout of a room, re-purposing furniture, new window treatments, new wall color and/or rearranging artwork and accessories. Most times, the client already owns the items necessary to complete a room.

Now that you know a little about Sassy Spaces, how can I help you?
Client Testimonials

"Jeni brings synergy to a room by incorporating remarkable wall colors with stylish, complimentary decor!"
-- Jerry Grodesky, Real Estate Broker

"Jeni not only made the development of my photography business easy, she made it manageable with a custom daily, weekly, and monthly schedule designed specifically for my business's needs."
-- Mark Hensel, Mark Hensel Photography

"As a mother of FIVE boys, I was desperate to get help with organization. Jeni was the perfect person for the job! She has come into my home to help with several projects. She organized and selected paint colors for three of my boys' bedrooms. She came up with great ideas for storage of toys, sporting equipment, clothes, shoes, and all of the other stuff that five boys have. She organized my 17-year-old son's closet, and it stayed that way! She did a wonderful job. She saved me time and money with her excellent suggestions! Jeni is a true professional and a very positive thinker. She can see solutions to problems that others can't visualize. That is part of the gift she brings to her clients. I will continue to use Jeni's services and I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to maximize their efficiency!"
-- Tracy DeGraaf

"Jeni is very talented at organizing and creating a user friendly system for one's home, office, or other area. I would hire her again and often recommend her to my friends and colleagues. She is efficient and aims to please her client with great results so the job will be complete and easy to maintain."
-- Kathy Harper

"Jeni is a consummate professional. She looks to see what she can do to help others grow."
-- Linda McCarrin, Ripple Effect Consulting Services

"Jeni has been doing my bookkeeping for the past few years now and she has done a fantastic job! She is very professional and is very thorough. I highly recommend her!"
-- Dr. Tim Erickson, Symmetry Chiropractic & Wellness

Clutter management for any room in your home.
Paper clutter? QuickBooks mess? No problem.
Room transformations with items you already own.

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